Heavy Branches

This has been a most difficult winter. Wet heavy snowflakes have captured the branches and pulled them down.

On my block there was a telephone pole cracked in half with dangerous wires dancing in the winds.

All lights snuffed out …returned to blackness…”not-knowing” in the air for all to breathe.

These times throw us into chaos, wondering if life will ever be familiar again.

I find my mind reaching out to connect. I freeze and worry with everyone, hope and fear with everyone. What my Buddhist practice has offered me is a way to embrace each of these moments within a barely perceptible smile.

The lights have finally come back on…as did the water and the heat.

Life has returned to its routine, but I linger in silence, nursing recent memories, while watching the snow so lightly fall.


2 thoughts on “Heavy Branches

  1. My dear dear Trudi . . . a beautiful mournful writing. I look at myself in the mirror and force myself to smile. But slowly healing, for you and for me. I pray we can at least have a hug together in this lifetime!

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    1. hi mickie,
      so glad to hear you are healing! You have definitely been through so many painful journeys. You are included in my evening prayers for healing.

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