Caring for the Caregiver

Illness and end of life can be the most difficult times in our lives.

The Black Plum Center is a place to explore this strange and life changing journey together. “Caring for the Caregiver” is a workshop series created for the benefit of all caregivers who struggle each day to navigate the inevitable challenges of being there for others while also taking care of themselves. All teachers within the Black Plum are dedicated to the empowerment of the participants. We hope to provide a safe and nurturing environment, where issues that have been culturally suppressed or unacknowledged can be lifted up fearlessly into the light of day.

These workshops are not designed for comfort and entertainment but as focused work for personal growth. Sign up only if you’re ready and willing to explore the issues that arise in yourself and others and join together in a supportive and caring environment.

As a Chaplain, Zen Priest, and teacher of chaplains, Rev. Trudi Hirsch has participated in the lives of thousands of patients, families, friends, and partners who are facing serious illness and end of life, no matter whether the caregiving comes out of love or necessity. Rev. Hirsch has observed how unprepared most of us are for navigating either the practical challenges or the emotional waves that follow the death of the one being cared for.

“Caring for the Caregiver” consists of a total of three–3 day sessions). Each session is progressive and focuses on a different aspect of caregiving. Participants can choose one, two or all three of the sessions. For a full description of each and to sign up please use highlighted links below.

Sessions #1 — First Saturday in May, June, and July 2018
During each Saturday we will explore: “Being the Caregiver”

Sessions #2 — First Saturday in September, October, and November 2018
During each Saturday we will explore: “Death, Dying…Ours and Others”

Sessions #3 — First Saturday in January, February, and March 2019
During each Saturday session we will explore: “Recreating Oneself After a Loss”

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